Sell Online Become a Merchant

Sell Online Become a Merchant

Sell online
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Sell online on a marketplace where buyers around
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Sell online on Prufal in just 4 simple steps


Affordable, transparent, and secure

It doesn’t cost a thing to list up to 30 items, and you only pay after your product sells.
It’s just a small percent commssion we charge

Here's what you get for your fee:

  • A worldwide community of shoppers.
  • Payment Gateway processing (Credit/Debit Cards, Paypal, etc)
  • Shipping labels you can print at home, with big discounts on postage.
  • Seller protection and customer support to help you sell your stuff.
  • Seller support and seller tools for a successful e-commerce store. We focus on the heavy lifting of our software while you only get to focus on making sales.
We process payments with our partners Stripe and PayPal, and external payments platform that allows you to process transactions with a variety of payment methods. Funds from PayPal sales on Prufal will be deposited into your PayPal account, Payments from Stripe (Visa/Mastercard) are deposited to your bank account.
Listing fees are billed for $1 USD if you reach your product listing limited, so if your bank’s currency is not USD, the amount in
your currency may vary based on changes in the exchange rate.


Here are some common questions about selling on Prufal marketplace

How do fees work on Prufal?

Joining and starting an online shop on Prufal is free. However, we charge a small seller or transaction fee once you make a sale. This seller fee includes payment processing and Prufal’s maintenance fee to keep our platform going. Seller fees are only charged when you make a sale.

What do I need to do to create an online store?

You will need your store logo, name, address, and products to sell.

How do I get paid?

Withdrawals from sales can be paid out to a bank account (online transfer), PayPal account, payoneer account, cheque, or a remittance company. 

Do I need a credit or debit card to create an online store?

No, a credit or debit card is not required to create a store. With our free forever plan, you can start selling today. Need more selling features? you can then upgrade to a paid plan.

What can I sell on Prufal marketplace?

You are allowed to sell just about anything law-abiding friendly on Prufal. No drugs, counterfeit/imitation items, weapons, personal information are allowed. We review every product on our marketplace to ensure they are up to standard and not breaking any laws.

Still have more questions? Feel free to contact us.

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