Panasonic - Carbon Zinc AAA Batteries 4 Count


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Tags: Carbon Zinc AAA, Single Use Batteries

Panasonic AAA batteries super Heavy Duty power carbon zinc double a battery 1.5V

The Panasonic's ZINC CARBON batteries have become a lot more environmentally friendly since 2012. Panasonic managed to eliminate mercury in 1989. The elimination of cadmium followed in 1991. However, the complications in mass production of unleaded batteries involving the strength and erosion resistance of zinc battery cans prevented the development of no-added-lead product for a long time. After years of on-going research and innovation, Panasonic eventually succeeded in developing an independent technology achieving both good performance and mass productivity. By these efforts, it was possible to commercially realize the high-reliability, Pb 0% added Zinc Carbon batteries. Today, they are on sale in more than 100 countries worldwide.

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