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Bumblebee Breast PumpThe Bumblebee Silicone Breast Pump is a simple way for mums’s nursing and breastfeeding .Our silicone pump is made of silicone to ensure that your breastfeeding milk come with natural and safe for your baby’s breastfeeding.Why You Choose the Bumblebee Silicone Pump Suction?

●Easy to clean and sterilize and warm in bottle warmer microwave oven dishwasher.

●No harmful chemicals

●Anti-dust lid -ensure cleanliness for mum collect milk and nursing .

●Lightweight and portable - perfect for long distance trips, plane, or car rides ,working place !

●Highly Exclusive design breast pump stopper-which compatible all manual silicone breast pump.

●No electricity needed-you can use silicone breastpump anywhere at anytime without needing power bank or electric breast pump

● Less pain and easy pumping - extremely soft and comfortable , giving the best comfort for your nursing milk letdown collection.

Simple Steps To Breastfeeding :

1.Ensure that your Bumblebee breast pump is clean and sterilized.

2. put the breastpump close to your nipple and squeeze the middle base of the silicone manual breast pump.

3. Once the breastfeeding pump suction is created , the milk will flow into the breast pump.

4. Repeat squeeze action until the appropriate amount of milk come and collect by bumbleebee breast pump silicone breast pump specification

Material: Silicone (food grade) Size: 2.45inch X 1.41inch X 5.8inch Capacity: 3oz / 90mlPackage Including: 1 x 90ml Bumblebee Breast pump 1 x breast Pump Stopper1x breast pump lid 1 x Instructions1 X Package Box 1 x Green Carry Bag Tips ●Clean the pump and sterilize before using.●Warm Max Temperature: 120℃

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